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Would you like to add 6 more HIGH IN DEMAND, ONLINE MARKETING services in your portfolio & charge $2000-3000, RECURRING FEE, each and every month with virtually no extra effort?

With the increasing REACH of the internet, having online presence is just the beginning of increasing the productiveness for any local business.

Even worse is the feeling of a business owner having a wonderful website installed, with an awesome video commercial ready to engage people, but, there is NO audience to see it.

They have to market their business online using search engines or by paid advertisement to drive targeted traffic to their stunning website that is ready to engage visitors & to capture their leads.

Whom do you think that business owner will have a look into?
So now let’s look at how this is going to grow your profits & make you monthly RECURRING INCOME.
Here, I am not explaining how many clients you can get directly for these 6 High in demand services. Market is HUGE and if you put some extra efforts, you can get a lot more clients who want your marketing services & willing to pay 1000s of bucks each and every month to help them.

Here, I am going to explain How to TRIPLE YOUR PROFITS and Make RECURRING money from same clients without putting any extra efforts as I mentioned earlier.

Step 1: Let’s say you closed 3 clients this month for your Video commercial service and you charged them straight $1000 for it. As the business owner already paid you $1K for their online presence, it means He/She is serious about his Business growth online & is desperately finding solution to get potential customers online AND more are the chances that he haven’t started any marketing for his Business yet!

As these are your previous customer & you delivered them best in the world service at half of the price so they trust you as well.

Step 2: You simply ask them that you also can help in getting targeted customers, more LEADS and More sales Online in fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

Ask them about building a positive online reputation or their potential buyer will go to their competitor’s website.

From my experience, 1 out of 3 Client will SAY YES for your marketing offer if you talk them about their profit... So you just got 1 new clients for your online marketing services.

Think if you can add 1 new client each month without lifting your hands, you will have 12 monthly paying clients at the end of the year and If you charge only $1000 a month/client that is rock bottom price, Then it’s 12* 1k = 12K a month = 144K a year in consulting business.

These businesses will pay your Lifetime until you can drive them traffic, leads and sales as they are not paying you from their pocket. They are only paying a fraction of money from what you earned for them.

Sounds interesting right?

Insta Video Agency- Elite Toolkit
It has everything you need to market a local business. That’s right, we did all the hard work for you. All you have to do is:

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Download Our POWERFUL SET of Consultation Tools


Customize a bit as per client’s need in just 7 minutes or less


Impress your clients & Collect your $2000 to $3000/month checks in REAL time.

Today, we are not just giving you 1 POWERFUL SET of consultation tools, you can grab 5 Set of consultation toolkits in 5 RED Hot niches. Here’s the list of those money yielding niches -

  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Attorney
  • Locksmith
  • Real Estate
  • Dentist
Business owners in these 5 RED HOT NICHES are FULL of money and are willing to invest ANY AMOUNT for helping them in getting quality online marketing services as they don’t know how to do that or where to get the quality services!!

So here’s exactly what Tools you’ll get
With Each of the Niche Consultation Toolkit

1. Insta Consultant – SEO toolkit

For better ranking of a local business websites, you need to have a regularly updating Blog as Google loves fresh content.

As SEO competition is low for local markets, links from few social bookmarking, blog posting & forum commenting activities on related websites are sufficient to get these sites ranked.

We did all the hard part, you just serve your clients in a better way.

1) 7 SEO Articles or Blog posts – Edit them a bit and use on your client’s website for blogging to keep fresh content on their website and to educate the potential customers.

You can get them ranked for organic search engine traffic. You also can use them as guest blogging post or spread in article directories to get traffic to your client’s website.

2) 20 blog or forum posts – As a marketer, you already know that, In-content backlinks pointing to your client’s website can give a BIG boost to their search engine ranking.

Use these ready to use posts for forum posting, blog posting or on social bookmarking sites to save a lot of time in building quality backlinks.

3) SEO keywords List - Use these keywords to get idea and to dig more keywords in these niches for your client using FREE Google keyword planner tool.

2. Insta Consultant – Reputation management toolkit

With this pack, reputation management service will be a piece of cake. You’ll get

1) 4 Business Reviews - Use these on web 2.0 sites, blogs or as social posts & get them ranked to build positive reputation for your clients in search results & charge them thousands of bucks for it.

2) 3 Business Testimonials - Just alter them and use on your client’s own websites or spread around to build positive reputation online for your client.

3. Insta Consultant- Social Media toolkit

Social Media is HOT these days. Local businesses will pay you any amount to build their positive social presence and our handy pack will help you do that in just an hour. Our service pack will contain:

  • 40 Professional cover and profile images
  • 10 Ready to Use Social Media Posts with
  • 10 Viral images for social media
Customers always check about a business on social media before making a purchase so they NEED a PROPER social presence online and we created all the tools you need to serve them better.

4. Insta Consultant – Google AdWords toolkit

Google AdWords are the fastest way of driving targeted traffic to your client website.

1) 10 ready to use Google AdWords text Ads - We again did the hard work & created total 10 expert ads, ready to use for your client.

2) PPC keyword list – Use these lists to get idea and to dig more related keywords to bid on using FREE Google keyword planner.

3) 9 Animated Banner Ads – These banners come in different sizes, also comes in fully editable PSD format. You can use these as media rich ads using AdWords to target more and more customers.

5. Insta Consultant – Facebook Ads toolkit

Facebook ads are HOT these days. Everyone is there on Facebook today so it’s not a wise decision to leave this giant from local business’s marketing strategy.

1) 10 Facebook ads Copy - These ads are ready to be used to reach more and more targeted Facebook audience for client’s business.

2) 10 Facebook Ads images – We went even further so you need not to buy high priced images for your Facebook ads. We have created social & attention grabbing, ready to go Facebook ads images.

6. Insta Consultant – Media Buying toolkit

If you want to advertise local business on local directories, websites targeting the city of business owner then you need some attention grabbing banners for that!! You don’t not to worry.

We have created 9 Animated Banners in different sizes ready to use. Use them for Google AdWords as I mentioned these banners in that section too or for media buying or for both. It’s up-to you.

Now I think we better do a quick recap of everything in this upgrade package,

Let’s Recap, what you’ll get
  • You’re getting the Insta Consultant – SEO Toolkit. That’s a $200 value.
  • You’re getting the Reputation Management Toolkit. That’s a $100 value.
  • You’re getting the Social Media Toolkit. That’s a $200 value.
  • You’re getting Google AdWords Toolkit, that’s another $200 value.
  • You’re getting FB Ads Toolkit, that’s another $200 value.
  • You’re getting Media buying or Banner ad Toolkit, that’s another $100 value.
If we add those up we see that the total value of 1 SET of Toolkit is over $1,000.
Today you are getting 5 of these for 5 HOT Niches so this upgraded Elite package is valued over $5000.

This upgrade package should cost thousands of dollars. It's much more exclusive.

BUT, once again, we’ve decided to give you our absolute rock bottom price. We’re going to let you have this entire Package covering 5 niches valued at over $5,000 for the price of just 1 Consultant Toolkit that is practically a 80% discount.

Grab it now for 80% discount

5 * $97 = $485

Only $97

Insta Agency Profit Multiplier Upsell2
That’s Not All!

We always believe in going that extra mile to make you happy and satisfied so today we are offering our exclusive training videos

Exclusive Bonus For Insta-Consultant Elite Toolkit

And lastly, we've prepared some extra bonuses to help you learn about A-Z about online marketing & Wordpress website management. You have Unlimited access to these 200 videos for lifetime.

Bonus #1: Complete SEO Training - Around 50 step by step videos

Bonus #2: Complete WP Training - Around 50 videos

Bonus #3: Complete Social Media Training - Facebook marketing, Facebook remarketing, Google+ marketing, Twitter & Youtube marketing video training - Around 60 step by step videos

Bonus #4: Complete Ads management training on Pay Per Click, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Media buying training - Around 50 more videos

So if you don’t know how to market a local business over internet, these 200+ videos will take you by hand and will make you Online marketing expert instantly.

So it have everything you need to become a PRO Consultant including tools and training.

With our Ready-to-use toolkit, you can prove 6 HIGH Demand services to these 5 HOT Niches and make RECURRING money from same clients without putting any extra efforts as I mentioned earlier.

Imaging if you close only 1 client every month from your existing customers, you can make a 6 figure RECURRING business online.

And the market is HUGE and if you put some extra efforts, you can get a lot more clients who want your marketing services & willing to pay 1000s of bucks each and every month to help them. It’ a HUGE business opportunity.

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5 * $97 = $485

Only $97

Insta Agency Profit Multiplier Upsell2

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Once again we’re including a 30 day money back guarantee, and I also want you to know that we're supporting this.

We're absolutely not going to disappear or leave you out to dry. There’s a helpdesk with dedicated support staff to make sure you're taken care of if you have any problems with the product.

Again the value of this upgrade package is over $5,000.

What we're asking for it is a mere pittance of a price for this amazing opportunity of providing 6 more Online marketing services to the businesses.

So I encourage you to click the order button now, and we'll see you on the download page.

Remember, you will NOT be able to come back and get this offer later. So grab it now to Add 6 more services in your portfolio and Show you as a PRO consultant to build instant credibility.

Grab it now for 80% discount

5 * $97 = $485

Only $97

Insta Agency Profit Multiplier Upsell2

Not just sell your services, start building relation with your customers for lifelong and charge then RECURRING CONSULTATION FEE with this incredible upgrade package.

Thanks again, and we wish you all the best.

No Thanks, I know this INSTA-CONSULTANT ELITE PACKAGE is a GREAT opportunity for my business. I also know it’s VITAL to create RECURRING INCOME, but still I don’t want to take its benefits. Please take me to the next step.