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The Video Agency PRO Pack

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I know you are curious about HOW so without further ado, let me pull out the curtains.
Upgrade to Video Agency PRO WordPress Theme - Tons of New Features and 15 Color Templates (Valued at $3000)
It takes a lot of work and talent in planning the design requirements. Our Highly Appealing and Clean Designs are custom built with having a PRO Video seller's business website requirements in mind.

So with PRO Theme, you'll get 15 color templates instead of just 5 for portfolio, service pages, blog and all other pages to highlight you in the crowd, create Unique and Beautiful agency website.

No coding, No imaginations on what looks good, we did all the hard work for you. You only choose the color scheme from dropdown to create even more beautiful, crispy and elegant agency website.

It's hard to explain the flexibility of the theme in words, you have to experience it yourself.
Maximize Your Lead Generation Results: Don't Pay Monthly for Autoresponder Services
It comprises ready to use & beautiful Lead form in 15 different colors to grab your every interested and targeted visitors leads. These work at ease with all major autoresponder services like Aweber, Get-response and Mail-Chimp.

We also have an In-built Lead management system which is a huge added value.

Don't pay monthly to Auto-responder services for just grabbing emails or phone no, sending thank you mail and for managing leads. It's SUPER EASY to use it.
You just

  • Choose Video Agency Pro inbuilt system as your auto-responder,
  • Check what details you want from the subscribers,
  • Set a thank you email &
  • You are all set to enjoy the targeted leads.
  • And we are not done yet, we went even further so you can manage leads right from Pro theme dashboard.
  • You can import, export or edit either one or all the leads at a time.
And main thing is we are not asking any monthly fee for it. This feature alone is worth more than what you goanna invest on this entire Pro upgrade.

But we are not stopping yet in fact there is huge component that I have not revealed.

Now, let's move to the next awesome feature:

Double the Profit Making Potential - 10 Additional Ready-To-Sell, whiteboard video commercials in 10 more SUPER hot niches.
You are getting not just 1, 10 addional High-Converting and customizable Video Commercial to serve in another 10 RED HOT & High demand niches –

So you will have 20 HOT niches to serve without even creating a video. Means most of the customers will be in your reach now.

That is double the audience to serve to so double the profit making potential.

Here's the List :
  • Real-Estate Agent
  • Divorce Lawyer
  • Plumber
  • Chiropractor
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Home Security Services
  • Architect
  • Financial Advisors
  • Counselor
  • Vetenarian
Once again, when you get a new order, you just use these videos, edit in 5 minutes and your video is ready to be delivered to the customers.

Just take a look at the demo video

Never Released Before: Full Developers Rights. Show Brand Name on Theme and Videos and Present yourself as an AUTHORITY
With this upgrade, you'll also get our Unlimited Developers rights for everything you bought from us and what you gonna get with this PRO Pack.
  • You can show your name as the developer of the work you did for your client.
  • Create Unlimited License Keys for our theme
  • Now you can serve UNLIMITED Clients – NO limitations
We've never offered these rights before, and this is your only chance to get them. This will build your instant credibility & show you as an authority mark in Video Marketing arena.

That's easily a $5000 value. And that' not all... To sweeten the deal, I'm also offering you two additional bonuses if you upgrade RIGHT NOW.

   Bonus #1

10 * 3 New - Ready-to-use Auto-responder Series

We are also giving you 3 ready-to-use email swipes for all the 10 additional niches. Just set these emails in your favorite autoresponder service provider to deliver on DAY 1, DAY 3 & Day 7.

These will warm up your prospects for your High Ticket services and motivate them to set a meeting for final discussion about pricing and method of delivery.

   Bonus #2

10* 3 – New and Hypnotizing Telemarketing Scripts for 10 additional niches

We are also giving you 3 Hypnotizing Telemarketing script for every niche. So total 30 scripts with having different scenarios in mind.

Use these Step-by-step scripts to talk on phone or on meeting so prospects only say YES for your services and FINALLY let business owners beg you to pay $1000 a POP for your Professional services.

So I think we better do a quick recap of everything in this Video Agency Pro Pack, because we flew through it pretty quickly.

Here's a Quick Recap:

You're getting:

  • FULL Developers Rights - That's easily a $5000 value. We never released developer's rights to it.
  • Video Agency PRO theme with Tons of new features - That's a $3000 value
  • 10 Additional Ready-To-Sell, whiteboard video - That's an easy $1000 value.
  • Bonus 1: Ready-to-use Auto-responder Series. That's a $300 value.
  • Bonus 2: Hypnotizing Telemarketing Scripts for 10 additional niches. That's another $300 value.
If we add those up we see that the total value of this Video Agency PRO Pack is more than
$9000 value.*
So... what's the actual price of the Video Agency PRO Pack?
This package is 5 time exclusive than the main toolkit you bought, plus there's a whole lot more included.

We wanted to charge a monthly fee for this like other autoresponder services.

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Only $67/month!

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IMC Treasure Edition
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It's as simple as that.

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Once again we're including a 30 day money back guarantee, and I also want you to know that we're supporting this.

We're absolutely not going to leave you out to dry. A completely dedicated support team is always there to solve any problems that you face.
The bottom line is, we take care of our customers.

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IMC Treasure Edition

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Thanks again, and we wish you all the best.

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